The 5th African Anti-Corruption Dialogue 2021

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    9 - 11 November 2021
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  1. Background

Tackling corruption and its impact remains a challenge to the continent as it threatens the realization of sustainable development, inclusive growth and good governance, which are fundamental in the achievement of the aspirations under Agenda 2063. Recognizing the role Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and their constituents play in fighting corruption, the African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption (AUCPCC) in Article 19(4) obligates States Parties to work closely with international, regional and sub-regional financial organizations to eradicate corruption in development aid and cooperation programmes. Further, the Convention recognizes that though the primary responsibility of tackling corruption rests with individual states, sub-regional frameworks are also necessary to address the scourge of corruption and Article 19(2) of the AUCPCC requires States Parties to foster regional, continental and international cooperation to prevent corrupt practices in international trade transactions.

Furthermore, the recent decision by the African Union[1] on Institutional Reform during the Eleventh Extraordinary Session of the Executive Council recognized the need to establish an effective division of labour and collaboration between the African Union, Regional Economic Communities (RECs), Member States and Continental Organizations. Considering principles of subsidiarity and comparative advantage in particular, the AU encouraged AU organs and RECs to harmonize their policies and strengthen collaboration.

In complying with this directive, the Board has dedicated its work in 2021 to promoting stronger collaboration as well as harmonization of efforts among and with the Regional Economic Communities through enhanced cooperation and promoting synergies around anti-corruption interventions on the continent. The 2021 African Anti-Corruption Dialogue therefore is being convened under the theme: “Regional Economic Communities: Critical Actors in the Implementation of the African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption”

  1. Objectives & Expected Outcomes

The 2021 Anti-Corruption Dialogue will provide a platform to highlight the significance of synergies and stronger collaboration between the African Union, the Regional Economic Communities and States Parties as well as key stakeholders on the anti-corruption landscape including civil society, media and International Organizations. It will bring together the representatives of Member States, International Organizations, National Anti-Corruption Agencies, Civil Society, Academia and other actors.

The Specific objectives of the Dialogue shall be to:-

  1. Highlight the state of play of Anti-corruption efforts at the Regional Economic Community level in Africa;
  2. To highlight the REC’s instruments (frameworks, policies and laws) adopted to promote the fight against corruption;
  3. To identify best practices at RECs levels that are contributing to the fight against corruption within the RECs;
  4. To increase the awareness of the African Anti-Corruption Day/Dialogue; and
  5. To engage and forge deeper relationships with AUABC, the RECs, National Anti-Corruption Authorities, Civil Society and other key national actors

The expected outcomes of the Dialogue are:-

  1. A deepened engagement between RECs, the National Anti-Corruption Authorities, Civil Society Organizations around anti-corruption interventions;
  2. Recommendations and strategies to be submitted for consideration by the policy organs of the African Union and other relevant actors.
  1. Methodology

Due to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 Pandemic, all activities will be conducted virtually and online platforms for participation shall be communicated in due course. Envisaged activities include the following: -

  • Launch of the Engagement Strategy between the RECs and the AUABC;
  • Series of Webinars and Panel Discussions;
  • Convening of the Third African Anti-Corruption Non-State Actors Forum on the margins of the Dialogue; and
  • Presentation of the outcomes of research on the State of Play between RECs and National Anti-Corruption Authorities

Simultaneous interpretation shall be provided in Arabic, English, French and Portuguese. All resources for the event shall be availed on the website of the African Union Advisory Board on Corruption.

For more information or to share your ideas, please contact the Secretariat of the African Union Advisory Board on Corruption on


[1] EXT/Assembly/AU/Dec.104(XI)