2018 Gender Pre-Forum

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    24 May 2024
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Add to Calendar2018-11-26 13:09:062018-11-26 13:09:062018 Gender Pre-Forum<p><span style="font-size:12pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Times New Roman&quot;,&quot;serif&quot;">Today in Gaborone was Day 1 of Gender Pre Forum on the Fight Against Corruption.</span></span></p> KampalaPan-African Parliamentyab.kami@gmail.comAfrica/Nairobipublic

Today in Gaborone was Day 1 of Gender Pre Forum on the Fight Against Corruption. The Gender Forum is the last of a series of events that have been hosted by the African Union Department of Political Affairs in collaboration with African Union Advisory Board on Corruption.

At the Opening Ceremony of the Gender Pre Forum, the Executive Director AUABC Charity Nchimunya said that: Putting up into corruption infrastructure and policies means one is contributing to the Women’s Rights.

Ms. Nchimunya also spoke on a panel espousing on the existing normative frameworks that exist in Africa today on women’s rights and anti-corruption and their impact :

” How is the Maputo Protocol having an impact on that girl in the village who has been told to marry at the age of 13 even before they become a woman?

We should ensure that these frameworks are not just discussed in such a room, we forget about it once we leave this place, but they should inspire us to act when we see certain wrongs that are being perpetrated in our various communities.

We should ensure that our knowledge of these frameworks, the information that we are getting from experts in this room, will translate into concrete actions on the ground”

The Gender Pre - Forum will be end tomorrow after which the the High-Level Dialogue on Anti Corruption will start.  We look forward to bringing you more highlights on the same. In the mean time, The social media conversations are curated under #DGTrends & #AfricaAgainstCorruotion.