Accountability Music Awards open for Public Vote



Accountability Music Awards open for public vote

Johannesburg, 10 November 2021 - Nominations were submitted and the finalists for the 2021 Accountability Music Awards (AMAs) have been selected. The 2021 AMAs are a collaboration between Accountability Lab, the ONE Campaign, the African Union and Trace Africa and are now open for public participation. The awards received over 200 nominations from Africans across the continent, highlighting how musicians are using music as a mechanism to speak against corruption, advocate for good governance and heighten the call for accountability for a better future for our continent.

We have put together a shortlist of this year’s nominees including songs by Winky D, Femi Kuti, King Kaka, Ney Wa Mitego and Angelique Kidjo with Yemi Alade. The finalisation of the selection process kickstarts the much more exciting stage of the competition, which is putting the power in your hands to decide which African musician takes the Award home. We are asking you to get involved in the online voting process and play your part in determining who will win the 2021 Accountability Music Awards.

As the world marks International Anti-Corruption Day on 9 December 2021, we will also announce the winner of the 2021 Accountability Music Awards. To make your voice heard and to vote for the song that speaks for all of us, please visit: Voting polls close on Tuesday 30 November 2021.

“Through this engagement we want to celebrate African musicians using their art and voices to communicate the concerns of African citizens. Over and above that we appreciate that musicians are using their voice to assist in building a better and more positive continent as we make the necessary attempts to recover from the effects of the pandemic,” said ONE in Africa Executive Director, Edwin Ikhouria.

"We're excited to be part of this process, and to put a spotlight on African musicians advocating for greater governance and accountability through their work. The nominees include conscious artists from across Africa and any one of them would be a great ambassador for accountability on the continent. Our hope is for as many people as possible to participate in the voting process and help us drive the conversation for greater accountability," said Accountability Lab Executive Director, Blair Glencorse.

“Citizen voices across the continent are critical in promoting transparency and accountability in the management of public affairs. Therefore, let your voices carry the day in identifying the ‘voice’ that represents our collective voice as citizens in demanding transparency and accountability. Let your voice count for the Africa we all want!!”encouraged Charity H. Nchimunya, the Executive Secretary of the African Union Advisory Board on Corruption



More information on the nominees:

Winky D

Wallace Chirumiko is a  Zimbabwean reggae-dancehall artist, also known as WinkyD, The Big Man, and Dancehall Igwe.

His song “Njema,” which is slang for “handcuffs,” talks about how the citizens of Zimbabwe have been handcuffed by corruption. It encourages people to free themselves from scenarios that will delay progress.

Listen to Njema on Spotify.

Femi Kuti

Nigerian musician Olufela Olufemi Anikulapo Kuti, popularly known as Femi Kuti, is the son of Afrobeat legend Fela. Just like his father, his music drives political and social reawakening amongst many Nigerians and across the world.

His song “pá pà pá” radiates a unique afrobeats sound and talks about the everyday struggle of a Nigerian. It challenges the Nigerian governments’ perceived failed promises of basic infrastructure and calls on citizens to exercise their rights to demand change.

Listen pa pa pa on Spotify.

King Kaka

Kenyan rapper Kennedy Ombima, better known by his stage names King Kaka and Rabbit, made waves with his most recent song “Wajinga Nyinyi” in 2020. The song enlightens people about their rights, challenges corruption, and outlines the perceived failures of government in the east Africa nation.

Listen Wajinga Nyinyi on Spotify.

Ney Wa Mitego

Tanzanian rapper Ney Wa Mitego, also known as NayTrueboy, has been very vocal about the social injustice in his country. His song “Rais wa Kitaa” summarizes the perceived state of most African democracies, and it led to his arrest under former ​​President John Magufuli because it was too critical of the government.

Listen to Rais wa Kitaa on YouTube.

Angelique Kidjo with Yemi Alade

Inspired by the youth-led protests against police brutality that rocked Nigeria during the #EndSARS protests, Beninese-American singer, songwriter, and activist Angelique Kidjo collaborated with Nigerian Afropop singer Yemi Alade on the song “Dignity.”

In Kidjo’s words, “This song is against brutality, but it’s also about how we need to treat each other with dignity, treat nature with dignity, and treat ourselves with dignity. Because if we can’t see the dignity that Mother Nature gave to all of us, then how can we walk tall?”

Listen to Dignity on Spotify.

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