English-Concept Note for 8th African Anti-corruption Dialogue

No : English-Concept Note for 8th African Anti-corrupti
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Working Documents
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The year 2023 marked twenty (20) years since the AUCPCC was adopted and a review of the journey of the AUCPCC highlighted the progress, strides and achievements made so far in its implementation. The review also highlighted key challenges being faced and proposed the areas of focus for the next decade to effectively implement the Convention. One of the challenges identified was the inadequate whistle-blowing system that hinders citizens to report and ‘blow’ the whistle in instances of corruption. In recognizing the role of whistleblowers in combating corruption, Members States in the 7th Annual African Anti-Corruption Dialogue adopted the theme “Effective Whistleblowers Protection Mechanism: A Critical Tool in the Fight Against Corruption”. The Board has therefore dedicated its work in 2024 to promote the role of whistle-blowing in combatting corruption.

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